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I like to dissapear while I read books, just to admire their entire body and travel far, responding to myself that anything may be possible.
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I mean yeah, I have tons of unread books on my shelf, but do you think that’ll stop me from buying more?

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Last close-up for you my dear bookish people! Here’s the one and only book I’m taking with me. No surprises there. But I did buy this copy for this trip! It seemed like the perfect excuse to do it ahah and I LOVE IT! My favorite adventure book for my first big adventure! I feel like Bilbo right now, except I don’t have a bunch of dwarves eating all my food, that’s a relief ;) #book #thehobbit #bilbo #bag #travel and #adventures #mycanadianadventures #tolkien #BilboBaggins

Where about are you going in Canada?

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